Fixed Telephony

ISSC provides analogue or VoIP telephone connections at the work places from the University number range 071-527 xxxx or the 070-80093 xx number range (Campus Den Haag). In addition, an external line can also be obtained through ISSC.

VoIP telephony manuals

VoIP telephony has some advantages over analogue telephony: it is safer and more reliable and it offers the user more functionalities. In addition, VoIP offers the user more flexibility at his work place.

Mobile telephony

ISSC can link a mobile phone to the University telephone network through a Corporate Net connection, as a result of which it will offer a functionality that is equivalent to the fixed phones within the University. The mobile subscriptions which are offered by the University are T-Mobile subscriptions.   

Telephony Coordinators

Each University unit appoints a Telephone Coordinator who acts as the main contact person in all communication with the ISSC.