Be vigilant about ransomware

At the moment, there is a lot of news about ransomware targeting companies and institutions. Ransomware is type of virus that encrypts files, and demands a ransom for decrypting them again. In order to prevent the distribution of ransomware, the ISSC makes sure the workstations and servers of our university are continuously up to date. This weekend will also be used to deploy the latest Microsoft security patches. You yourself can also take action to prevent damage by ransomware.

New staff website

The new staff website will go live on 6 April. This means that, as a member of staff, you will have access within a single environment to information from your own department or unit as well as information from the University as a whole.

Ransomware on the increase in 2017

The ISSC has recently seen a surge in the occurrence of ransomware infections. Ransomware is a kind of virus that encrypts your files. In case of infection the PC will have to be re-imaged, and in most cases data will have to be restored.