Purchasing Software at a Discount

SURFspot.nl is the ICT web shop where students, staff members of universities and universities of higher education, staff members of primary schools and (parents of) primary school pupils can purchase legal software and other ICT products at an educational discount.


On the https://www.surfspot.nl site (an initiative of all Dutch educational institutions) you can, for a fraction of the commercial price, purchase software, as well as various computer hardware, newspaper and magazine subscriptions, or internet service subscriptions.

Here is a small selection of the most commonly requested software that is on offer:

Adobe CS5
Windows 7
MS Office (both for Windows and Mac)
McAfee Antivirus
NOD32 Antivirus
To log in to SurfSpot you first have to select “Leiden University”, then click on ‘log in’. You will then be asked to fill in your ULCN log in details (for instance S1000000 with the corresponding password)



Last Modified: 16-11-2012