Application form

The following forms are intended specifically for Leiden University students.


Request for a new ULCN password Request a temporary password
Request for Linux home directory  For use from a Linux or Dual boot studyplace 
Data Storage  
Request access SFTP-gateway Access files on the university network via SFTP

Shared mailbox

Request access to a mailbox for a group of users
Workplace & Hardware  
Incident form

To report malfunction in study environment to the helpdesk

Request access SSH-gateway Access (Linux terminal) servers on the university network via SSH 

Applying for or renew an ULCN account

Temporary guests at Leiden University (for instance participants in a conference lasting more than one day) can only make use of the ICT facilities with a ULCN account. This requires registration in the Guest Management System (GMS). On the ULCN page with guest facilities, you can see which organisational units create guest accounts for which target groups, as well as these units’ contact details.

How do I receive an account?

What is my account period?

How can I apply for a guest account?
An external will be registered by their contact person of the unit concerned.

Last Modified: 05-02-2016