What is SURFdrive?

SURFdrive is a personal cloud storage service for Dutch Higher Education and Research that allows employees and researchers to easily store, synchronise and share files. It makes use of a secure and reliable SURF community cloud.

What can I do with SURFdrive at Leiden University?

SURFdrive offers many functions, including the following:

  • Offline synchronisation, so that the user can always access his/her files even without internet access
  • Simple and secure sharing of files within SURF-connected universities and Higher Education & Research
  • Optimisation for use with a smartphone and/or tablet
  • Backup & recovery of 30 days
  • 100 GB personal storage space
  • Real-time insight into document editing by other users

Why SURFdrive?

SURFdrive was especially designed for higher education and research. The files are stored in the Netherlands and will never be made available or sold to third parties. The data is sent over the networks in encrypted format.

How can I use SURFdrive?

You can use SURFdrive via:

The SURFdrive web interface

  1. Go to SURFdrive website
  2. Select " Leiden University". You will be redirected to uAccess.
  3. Log in with your ULCN account.
  4. The first time you log in you will see an additional interim step. Select “Yes, share this information”.

SURFdrive software at the University workplace for Windows, Mac and Linux

Operating System



Windows workplace

Installing additional software

1) After the installation you have to restart your computer.
2) When launching SURFdrive for the first time, you will be asked where the documents should be stored. The standard option is User and your Folder (Log in name).
3) After this, the files in the selected folder will be synchronised continously with your SURFdrive.

Mac OS X workplace

Installing SURFdrive client

Linux workplace Mounting SURFdrive  On a Linux workplace, you can mount your SURFdrive directly as described in this manual. 

SURFdrive software on your own device

Operating System



MS Windows

Surfdrive Windows client

1) Install the software
2) Log in with your ULCN account

Apple Mac OS X

SURFdrive OS X client

Apple iOS

SURFdrive iOS client


SURFdrive Linux client


SURFdrive Android client

What support can I get?

ISSC offers support for the use of SURFdrive via the ISSC Helpdesk.

The SURFdrive website contains a list of frequently asked questions. This is where you can address any questions you may have about the use of this service.

Last Modified: 01-09-2015