Getting started with ICT

Getting started with ICT: A short introduction to help you get started as a new or existing staff member

Step 1 Obtaining the key

Via your contract you have been assigned a ULCN account: the key to all ICT and Faculty services (ULCN = Universiteit Leiden Community Network). Find out more about all ULCN services.

Step 2 Log in

With your ULCN account you can log in directly at any workplace. You can also use your own device to log in wirelessly.

Step 3 Exploring important services

You can e-mail at your workplace using Outlook 2010. You can also synchronise your own device with the University (Exchange) mail and agenda: Windows, Android, Mac and iOS.

You may in some cases be able to print and photocopy locally at your own workplace, but in most cases you can do so more flexibly and professionally using the LU card.

Via the Remote Workplace service you can access nearly all the services of your university workplace on your own device from any location.

As a Leiden University employee you can purchase software at a discount for home use via Surfspot.

Good luck!

More information

On the ICT for staff website you can find a list of all the services we provide, manuals to help you get started, andĀ forms to apply for additional services.

If you have a question or problem, or if you wish to report a malfunction, please call or e-mail theĀ ISSC Helpdesk, or drop by the ISSC desk in the Pieter de la Court, Gorleaus, KOG or Lipsius building.

Last Modified: 25-10-2016