Management Services


SharePoint is a platform for websites for information exchange and online collaboration among a group of participants from within and outside the University.

Technical application management

ISSC provides university technical applications (concern systems) and the corresponding data files, as well as interfaces to other (concern) systems, and it carries out the operational administration of these applications.

Database administration

ISSC provides databases and carries out the operational administration of these databases. Generally these are databases connected to the University technical applications.

Server administration

Operational administration, maintenance and exploitation of the server configurations subsumed under ISSC, including the accompanying operating systems (OS) and input and output devices.

Large-scale data storage

In addition to the regular storage quota that is included in every account, it is possible to purchase large-scale data storage.

Equipment housing

ISSC provides housing for ICT equipment for organisations affiliated with the University and for third parties, including power supply, climate control and security.

Management of the agglomeration network

ISSC provides the university network (UL-Net) connecting the buildings, as well as the connections from UL-net to the networks of the University units and Surfnet, with the established level of availability and reliability.

DNS management

ISSC is responsible for issuing IP address space within the University and connecting DNS servers to this space, in which context ISSC’s central task is to ensure the security of the central DNS facilities.