Leiden University introduces SURFdrive

Store your files securely online

Leiden University staff have been given access to a new Cloud environment called SURFdrive. This service has been developed to offer a safe Cloud environment.

SURF and Leiden University

SURFdrive has been developed at the request of the ICT directors of all the Dutch Universities as an alternative for public Cloud services. Leiden University has contributed to this development and we are pleased to let you know that you can now store your files securely in the Cloud with SURFdrive.

SURFdrive is a personal secure Cloud storage service. SURFdrive is available for all Dutch higher education and research. Staff and researchers (not for students) can use SURFdrive to conveniently save, synchronise and share files.

SURFdrive is suitable for all standard computers, tablets and smartphones based on Windows, Linux, OS X, iOS and Android.

Leiden University is currently only making SURFdrive available to staff members.

Protected Cloud environment

You can access SURFdrive via Leiden University. From now on, you can use SURFdrive to save your files in a protected Cloud created in collaboration by the Universities and SURF (ICT collaboration organisation of Dutch higher education and research).

Thanks to offline synchronisation you can now access your files from any location, even if you don’t have access to Internet. The data is sent over the networks in an encrypted format.

SURFdrive is comparable to commercial Cloud services. With SURFdrive however, it is clear where the files are saved and what happens to them, as opposed to these commercial Cloud services. Files are kept on a SURF server within the Netherlands and no data is shared with third parties.

Every employee who wishes to make use of SURFdrive is granted 100 GB of storage capacity to save data, such as documents, photographs and videos.

You can easily log in via your ULCN staff account.

Collaboration made easy

SURFdrive allows you to collaborate with your colleagues within and outside your own institution or with other affiliated organisations in the Netherlands and abroad. You can jointly work on documents and immediately implement any changes. You are free to determine who is given access to your files, who is allowed to edit them and who only has read access.

With SURFdrive, you always have access to your files, from any location and at any time, from your laptop, smartphone, or tablet.

SURFdrive offers many functionalities, such as the following:

  • Offline synchronisation, so that users can always access their files
  • The option of sharing your files easily and securely within Higher Education & Research
  • Real-time insight into changes in your documents implemented by other users
  • Optimisation for use with a smartphone and/or tablet
  • Back-up & recovery of 30 days.

See the website of SURFdrive for some (Frequently Asked Questions).

The support offered by the ISSC via the ISSC Helpdesk (tel. 8888) in using SURFdrive.

Manuals for SURFdrive

Log in directly to SURFdrive.

                            Store your files securely online

Last Modified: 11-01-2016