Changes in settings e-mail files

Starting Wednesday 14-05-2014, email can no longer be added to existing e-mail files PST files.

Starting Wednesday 14-05-2014, e-mails can no longer be added to existing e-mail files on the P:-drive (.PST files). These emergency measures are necessary because we have strong indications that the .PST files also cause the recent performance issues and unavailability of the P –drive.

How does this affect you?

  • Emails can only be read in your existing .PST files. It is not possible to move e-mails from your mailbox to existing or new .PST files.

  • All e-mails remain in your university (exchange) mailbox, and the archive function to .PST files no longer works. If necessary, your mailbox will be expanded.

  • You can no longer use a non-university e-mail account (IMAP/POP) added to your exchange mailbox. We advise you to use the webmail functionality of these providers.

Later on, the new archive function in Outlook will be implemented, and the use of .PST files will be entirely terminated. In due time, we will inform you about these measures.

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Change of use Outlook PST files 

Last Modified: 08-09-2014