Wireless Network


ISSC offers Leiden University students and staff Internet access via two wireless networks. You can find information on these networks and their locations below.

Leiden University

The " Leiden University" network offers Leiden students, guests and staff members wireless access using their ULCN or guest account. This network offers access to most common web applications. This wireless network works on any device and with any web browser. This network is protected using Quarantainenet.


The eduroam network offers students and staff members from Leiden University and other universities wireless access using their own institutional account. All data traffic on this network is encrypted and is therefore in principle not accessible to third parties.

Leiden University students and staff members can use this network to send confidential information or to use applications (for example in the context of their research) which are blocked on the ‘Leiden University’ network. To use this network additional software has to be installed.

Advantages of using Eduroam

  • The transferred information is protected by means of encryption.
  • You can use a number of applications which are not available via the Leiden University network (for instance checking your private e-mail or FTP connection).
  • You can access external servers via POP3 or IMAP4.
  • You can use your client to log in to the Eduroam network of other universities.
  • Students and staff members from other universities can log in to Eduroam with the log-in details of their own university.

Wi-Fi coverage

Wi-Fi coverage is available:

  • For University-managed organisational units
  • In buildings owned by the University
  • At locations with a high concentration of students and/or staff
  • At workplace locations

ISSC monitors the available budget on a ‘fair use’ basis.


The Eduroam network requires downloading, installing and configuring (Linux, Mac OSX) additional software (Windows).

For settings, see the following page: Wireless Acces Manuals

How to apply

You can apply for this service via Service Management.
The delivery time depends on the network termination points of your device.

Security policy SURFnet

The use of the above-mentioned networks is subject to the Security policy of SURFnet.
SURFnet is the Internet provider of Leiden University. Leiden University has also taken over the network connection requirements of SURFnet.

Code of conduct

The use of the University ICT facilities is bound by the code of conduct published on this website.
By logging into the wireless network, you agree with the code of conduct regarding the use of information facilities published on this website. In case of suspected misuse, measures will be taken.


The availability of this service is included in the workplace tariff.

Costs to the client
The client is responsible for the costs of the potential installation and/or removal of cables/outlets for Access Points and their securing.

Non-University organisations
Non-University organisations will be charged for the costs of purchase of the network hardware and software.


Below you will find an overview of the protocols which are permitted on the Leiden University wireless network.

Protocols Port Remarks
Citrix client
HTTP - UB- systems
HTTPS 8080
ica client
TCP 515, 9100 Wireless printing
TCP Balckboard learning enviroment
TCP 9031 HTTPS-port for University (UBL) data libraries

Last Modified: 24-03-2015