You can find more information about your ULCN account here. 

Log in

The log-in name and corresponding password of a student (=ULCN account) is sent by post to the address that is registered in our administration. The ULCN account begins with the letter ‘s’, followed by your student number (for example S0123456).
For extensive and up-to-date information regarding all ULCN services and regulations, see

The ULCN account gives access to…

The ULCN account gives access to services such as the following: 

Student workplaces
Leiden University Wireless Access
uMail (webmail)
Library Catalogue
Digital Library 
Working from home (only for FSW)

No ULCN account letter? Problems with your ULCN account?

1. Were you not granted a ULCN account? Please contact the student administration
2. Please check whether your address was registered correctly
3. Problems with your ULCN account? Please contact the ISSC Helpdesk or Plexus.

Note: You have to show a student ID with photograph or another valid ID.

Password rejected?

If your password is rejected at the workplace, the ULCN web services and/or the wireless network:

1. Check whether Caps Lock is on (turn it off).
2. Check whether you entered your student number with the preceding “s”.
3. Check whether your password is accepted on another computer. 


Changing your ULCN password

On the ULCN page, go to uPrefs and Log in with your student number and the corresponding password. 
Advice: Register your mobile number in uPrefs so that later you can make use of our SMS service for forgotten passwords.

Password criteria:

Minimum 8 symbols.
Maximum 13 symbols.
At least 1 digit.
At least 1 small letter.
At least 1 capital letter.
No diacritics (such as à and é).
No spaces.
No Unicode characters (such as , . ; ' ").
No first name or last name in the password.
No three consecutive symbols from the user name, first name or last name.

I don’t remember my password. What should I do?

Application form for a new ULCN password

A new password can be requested at the Helpdesk and it can be obtained in one of the following ways:

The new password is sent by post to the address registered in our administration
The new password is sent by SMS
The new password can be picked up from one of the ISSC support desks

Change of address:

If you move, please inform us of your change of address in timely fashion through your personal page on Studielink and/or the Municipal Population Register (Gemeentelijke Basis Administratie).

New password by SMS

We can only send you a new password by SMS if you have registered your mobile number in uPrefs. You can register your number as follows:
- Log in to uPrefs, go to “Personal details” and click on “Set/Change”
- Click on the pen icon next to the “Mobile Telephone” field and fill in your number. Then click on the floppy icon to Save.

Locations for a new password

You can obtain a new password from various locations. Note that you will be asked to show a valid ID. Here is a list of the locations:
- Campus Den Haag (Stighthage, 12th floor Service Desk)
- FSW (1st floor, next to the UFB Service Desk)
- Gorlaeus reception (1st floor, L103)
- LUMC (Helpdesk)
- KOG reception (ground floor, next to the UFB Service Desk)
- Lipsius reception (ground floor, next to the student desk)
- Plexus (ground floor)
- University Library (reception)
- Snellius (via the reception)

ULCN account names and e-mail addresses are fully automatic

1. The e-mail address consists of the following:  Initials.Prefixes.Last (for instance
2. The e-mail address cannot be modified; it is generated on the basis of the data on your ID.

I graduated. Do I get to keep my account?
Once you graduate, your current student account is converted to Alumnus status.

However, this account is limited as compared to the active student status. 
For more information about/for Alumni, see

FAQ Alumnus


I am locked out of my account, what to do now?

When you consecutively enter 5 times a wrong password for your account, then the account will be locked for 15 minutes.
After these 15 minutes, the account will automatically be unlocked and you can log in again.

If you still don't succeed to logon to your account, then probably your password did expire.

Last Modified: 22-10-2014