Products and Services

The Products and Services Cataloque of the ISSC


The Products and Services Cataloque contains an overview of ICT-related services offered by ISSC. This overview is however not limitative; if you have ICT-related wishes which are not included in the catalogue, please contact the service manager of your organisational unit. Together with him or her, you can see how ISSC can be of further service to you.

ISSC exclusively delivers services to institutions affiliated with or belonging to Leiden University.

The services in this catalogue are divided into groups: Workplace Services, Communication, Network Services, Hosting and Administration Services, Specials, Support and Availability and General Provisions.

In addition to complete services, you can always appeal to ISSC expertise for various purposes, such as projects, open days and training programmes.

For all questions regarding the ICT services offered by ISSC, please contact the ISSC (8888). A more detailed description of all the services can be found in the Products and Services Cataloque.

Last Modified: 03-07-2015