Workplace services

The workplace services cover different kinds of workplaces, including staff workplaces and student workplaces, but also general workplaces for libraries and study halls.

In addition to workplace services, we also offer various types of peripheral equipment, such as printers and (extra) large screens. You can make a selection from our extensive set of workplace applications. In addition to the standard available applications, we can also provide, in consultation, any other software you might need.


Category Service Standard ISSC Laptop Service Pack Custom Hardware Model
General Helpdesk support X X X
Ordering and delivery of hardware plus managing warranty issues X X X
Ordering and installation of software plus licence management X
Best-Effort Support (max. 2 hours, no guaranteed solution) X
Hardware Choice of number of standard desktop/laptop models X X
Installation and management of extra standard peripherals X
Periodical replacement of desktops and laptops every four years. X X
Software Choice of different OS (Windows and Linux) X
OS updates with patches X
Antivirus management X X
Providing standard Leiden University software package X X
Providing additional software X
Providing applications for specific degree programmes X
Restore option X X
Access User login X
See section on workstation authorisation (semi-managed workstation) X X X
Limited internet access to one or a few sites X

Staff and other workstations

The following workstations can be provided. They are installed in different software and/or accessibility configurations for specific target groups.

Type of workstation Description
Staff Standard The standard staff workstation has all applications that the staff member needs for his or her job.
Shared workstation Public Terminal Public terminals with internet access are available to provide information to visitors of public spaces.
Research/Laboratory Workstation This is a workstation for research or laboratory work that will be used by different people. Due to the nature of the work on this workstation, there is as much freedom as possible in the choice of hardware and software.
Counter-Top Workstation For University services that are provided by different staff members, standard counter-top workstations are available on which users with a valid account can work.
   Presentation System  A presentation system can be used, for example, to give presentations on beamers, starboards, smartboards or large screens in lecture theatres and meeting rooms. MS PowerPoint is always available here. In addition, all default applications are available in the presentation system.

Hardware on staff and shared workstations

Standard models:
The ISSC provides three standard models of desktops and laptops that have been assembled according to capacity and graphical capabilities. The configurations of the models are on the ISSC website. The ISSC expects that these models will meet the large majority of user needs.

ISSC Service Pack
Support on a standard laptop model, as described in the section: ‘Services provided’.

Customised models:
If the standard models do not meet the user’s requirements, a customised model can be provided. See the section: ‘Services provided’.

Extra peripherals or accessories:
If technically possible, the following extra peripherals or accessories can be provided for each workstation: video card, extra monitor, extra hard disk, extra memory, ergonomic keyboard or mouse. Other hardware is not standard and can only be provided in consultation.

The extra peripherals or accessories constitute a part of the configuration when the workstation is purchased and are included in the calculation of the annual fee. If accessories are purchased at a later date, the purchase costs will be charged to the relevant order code.


Last Modified: 14-07-2014