IT Coordinators

An IT Coordinator is appointed at each University unit who acts as the main contact in all communication with the ISSC. The IT Coordinator takes care of the necessary administration and registration of his or her own IT environment. He or she must respect the confidentiality of personal information here. The IT Coordinator must give his or her approval before any workplace moves or changes to the IT infrastructure at the location for which he or she bears responsibility

IT Coordinators and locations


Name Substitute

Admission's Office

Kaiserstraat 25

Mr. F. Imthorn

Africa Study Centre

Wassenaarseweg 52

Mr. J. Damen  

Campus The Hague

Koningin Julianaplein 10

Mr. M.P. van Leeuwen  

Faculty of Archeology

Einsteinweg 2

Mr. T.M. van Beek

Mr. M. Wansleeben


Faculty of Archeology - Archol

Einsteinweg 2

Mr. W. van Laan
Management and administration (BB)


Ms. M.J.M.A. van Velthuijsen Mr. P.L.F. Klaassen
Faculty of Humanities

Cleveringaplaats 1

Ms. E.N.J. de Jonge

Ms. M.P. Rhebergen

Mr. R.W.N. Goedemans


Faculty of Law

Steenschuur 25

Mr. T.M. van Beek

Ms. M. Paardekoper

Faculty of Social Sciences
Wassenaarseweg 52
Ms. P.L.B. van Boxel

Faculty of Social Sciences - CWTS

Wassenaarseweg 62

Ms. M. Klijn-Wuisman  
Faculty of Science
Einsteinweg 55
Mr. J.F.G. Detollenaere

Faculty of Science - CML

Rijnsburgerweg 10

Mr. P.C. de Hoog  
Faculty of Science - Hortus Botanicus
Rapenburg 73
Ms. G.A. van Uffelen  
Faculty of Science - Institute Biology Leiden
Sylvius Laboratory
Ms. C.G.L. Recourt-Hoeksel  

Faculty of Science - LACDR

Einsteinweg 55

Ms. S. van der Pluijm  
Faculty of Science - LION
Niels Bohrweg 2
Mr. E.R. Deul  

Faculty of Science - Leiden Observatory
Niels Bohrweg 2

Mr. E.R. Deul  

Faculty of Science - LIACS
Niels Borhweg 1

Ms. A.C. Berendse

Faculty of Science - LIC
Einsteinweg 55

Ms. L.N. Tieleman

Faculty of Science - Mathematical Institute

Niels Borhweg 1

Mr. B. de Smit
Faculty of Science - National Herbarium Netherlands
Einsteinweg 2


Rapenburg 73

Mr. F. Imthorn  
ICT Shared Service Centre (ISSC) Mr. H. van Eck
Wassenaarseweg 62
Mr. K.J. Roos
Rapenburg 59
Ms. A.G.T. de Vogel-Nieuwveen Mr. W.J. Vogelsang
Matthias de Vrieshof 3
Mr. J.T. Bakker
Pieterskerkhof 6
Ms. R.V. Verdegaal


Reuvensplaats 2, 2311 BE Leiden

Ms. E. Sitinjak  
Lorentz Centre
Niels Bohrweg 2
Ms. L.H. Markering
Darwinweg 2
Mr. M.J. de Hart
Witte Singel 25
Ms. C.H. van Zoest
Mr. R.E. de Jong Ms. M.M. Mulder


Wassenaarseweg 52

Ms. T.H. Koreman-v.d. Ven  
Student and Educational Affairs
Pieterskerkhof 6
Mr. F. Imthorn
Studium Generale
Rapenburg 73
Mr. F. Imthorn

University Library
Witte Singel 26-27

Mr. H. de Krijger
University Services Department
Wassenaarseweg 62 A
Mr. D.W.G. Mars
University Sport Centre

Einsteinweg 6

Mr. V.M. Rodriguez van Haaren

Real Estate expertise
Diverse locaties

Mr. R.J. Boom Mr. R.J. Vermeulen

Visitor Centre
Stationsweg 41

Mr. F. Imthorn

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