About the workplace


The workstation services are available in different versions to support the different uses within the University. Some versions entail supplementary conditions:

Open workplace (semi-managed)

An open workplace (semi-managed) is a workplace with limited support from ISSC and on which staff members are free to install applications themselves.

Telephony Coordinators

Each University unit appoints a Telephone Coordinator who acts as the main contact person in all communication with the ISSC.


The ISSC provides analogue or VoIP telephone connections at the workplace. These are from the 071-527 xxxx University number range or the 070-80093 xx Campus The Hague range. The ISSC can also provide an external line.  

IT Coordinators

An IT Coordinator is appointed at each University unit who acts as the main contact in all communication with the ISSC. The IT Coordinator takes care of the necessary administration and registration of his or her own IT environment. He or she must respect the confidentiality of personal information here. The IT Coordinator must give his or her approval before any workplace moves or changes to the IT infrastructure at the location for which he or she bears responsibility


Each staff member’s workstation is provided with a basic package of applications. Extra software can be installed upon request. The table below provides an overview of the available applications for the VUW (Virtual University Workstations) and FSW (Faculty of Social and Behavioural Sciences) environment